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5 Best Bedroom Ceiling Fans with Lights Reviews

The modern bedroom has changed dramatically over the last few decades. One of those changes is a new inclusion to every room that was once used only by men: ceilings fans with lights. As air conditioning became more popular, it made sense for manufacturers to design an energy-saving device into their products, and thus adding one in your bedroom will not interfere with any other appliances you may have inside because these are designed specifically for bedrooms-- they're quiet as well.

Lights, switches, and fans can be overwhelming when they are all clustered on the same wall or in a tiny area of a room. This is why it's so lovely to have an option for those who want their ceiling fan with lights mounted high enough that you don't need additional lighting fixtures up there too. These units not only offer air circulation but also give off light from above your bed while keeping your nighttime activities private.

Bedroom Ceiling Fans with Lights Reviews

1. Best Overall

Westinghouse Lighting 7224200 Comet

Westinghouse Lighting 7224200 Comet Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light, Matte Black
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Type of Bulb: LED 
  • Material: Wood Laminate 
  • Weight: 17 pounds 

You can never underestimate the functioning bedroom. You can make your bedroom beautiful according to your requirements. Westinghouse Lighting produced bedroom ceiling fans with lights. Isn’t it a great thing? Yes! Matte black fans with 16W LED light can provide you with air with light. This indoor product is about 52 inches, and this is enough size for your bedroom. You don’t need to install a bulb in it, and this is with frosted glass shade and reflects light with unique colors. Lifetime motor works with excellent efficiency, and it performs a reverse function for winter/summer by consuming 63W.


  • The light is very bright.
  • It is a quiet fan.


  • The airflow is not like an advertisement.

2. Runner Up

Honeywell Carmel 48-Inch Ceiling Fan

Honeywell Carmel 48-Inch Ceiling Fan with Integrated Light Kit and Remote Control, Five Reversible Cimarron Ironwood Blades, Bronze
  • Available in Bronze color 
  • Type of Bulb: Incandescent 
  • Material: Metal / Glass / Wood Product 
  • Weight: 20 pounds 

A bedroom is that place which can easily transition you to take rest. For this purpose, your bedroom designs in an attractive way. Bedroom ceiling fans with light and remote by Honeywell company can perform two functions simultaneously. Its blades look like wood and are incredibly impressive. Bowl light in the center can make your bedroom a relaxing place. Cimarron material is well known for trading and blade finished on one side Cimarron and wood-iron on another side. This fan can provide warm air in winters. Forty-eight inches bedroom is best for moderate size rooms. You can quickly control it through a remote.


  • This fan shows zero wobbles. 
  • It is a balanced ceiling fan.
  • The remote is working great.


  • The close mounting restricts air movement.

3. Best Low Profile

Hunter Fan Company 59454

Hunter Fan Company Hunter 44 LED Kit 59454 Minimus 44 Inch Low Profile Ultra Quiet Ceiling Fan with Energy Efficient Light and Remote Control, Brushed Nickel finish
  • Available in ‎Brushed Nickel Finish color
  • Type of Bulb: LED 
  • Material: ‎Aluminum , Alloy Steel, Resin, Glass, Plastic 
  • Weight: 18.18 pounds 

Many things work to stabilize your sleep in the bedroom, like lightings, perfect air throw, environment, and noise. A low-profile ceiling fan with light for the bedroom is advantageous for your home. Hunter fan company brand offers 44 inches fan in which LED light covers with glass shade. The quiet working of the fan makes you sleep well, and it works with two modes downdraft in summer and updraft in winters. Nickel finishing enhances the beauty, and dimmable lights can control with a remote even when you are in a sleepy mood or lazy. You can easily install it in your home without any difficulty. 


  • It is the best ceiling fan for the kitchen. 
  • The appearance of this fan is good.


  • The loud beep sound is irritating. 
  • The design is complicated, and instructions are as well.

4. Best Fan for Master Bedroom

Casa Vieja 52" Casa Elite Modern Hugger

52 Casa Elite Modern Hugger Low Profile Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light LED Dimmable Remote Control Flush Mount Brushed Nickel for Living Room Bedroom - Casa Vieja
  • Available in Silver Brushed Nickel color
  • Type of Bulb: LED 
  • Material: Glass 
  • Weight: 20.1 pounds

Bedroom style can vary with time as our lifestyle changes. With new inventions, you can modify your bathroom like master bedroom ceiling fans with light by Casa Vieja give a new look to your home and bedroom. 12-degree blade pitch of 52 inches fan creates in a unique and elegant. 153 into 18mm motor size works with speed and can make cool the atmosphere of your bedroom. You can turn on/off the fan and control the light system. Brushed nickel makes the appearance brighter and your bedroom decoration is our responsibility from now.


  • It is a substantial product.
  • The assembling is a breeze.
  • It is not noisy.


  • It is more expensive than the others. 
  • The instructions manual is confusing.

5. Best Modern

Minka Aire F868L-BN Sleek

Minka Aire F868L-BN Sleek 60 Ceiling Fan with LED Light and Remote Control, Brushed Nickel
  • Available in Brushed Nickel color
  • Type of Bulb: Led 
  • Material: Wood 
  • Weight: 15 pounds 

Nowadays, brands are struggling to introduce fans to a new shape; the unique blade looks with LED light in the center of the fan. Your bedroom will glow differently as compared to other rooms if you install this fan in your room. Minka-Aire brand’s modern bedroom ceiling fans with lights of 16W LED can stimulate your nerves. They are present to connect with you at different networks like Amazon, Google home, etc. You can free download our app and can take control of your fan. Three blades are like a flying airplane. This fan conserves your energy and is compatible with your imaginations.


  • The wires labeling is easy to follow. 
  • It moves very fast. 
  • The DC motor is energy efficient.


  • It is a bit loud at high speed. 


Did you hear about a fan with light? No! But they are now present in the market with new features. Light will shine or comes from the center of the fan. They are energy-saving and provide high-pressure and robust air throws. In the winters, they provide warm and comfy air for your ease. These are present in different sizes and can cool up to many square feet. Color scheme and ironwood-like type can divert anyone’s attention to the ceiling if you are not in a good to get up from bed and turn off or on the switch so you can use remote to control fans.

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