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7 Best Bedroom Lights Reviews

Of all the lights in your home, probably none are more important than those that illuminate your bedroom. When you should be sleeping most comfortably and peacefully but can't because of an annoying light buzzing from a clock or some other appliance, it's time to make sure you've given this room plenty of attention when installing lighting fixtures.

These come with many features--you'll want dimmer switches so that not too much brighter is on at once, plus ones where only one bulb will power up if there's ever an outage for safety reasons during sleep hours; these also allow for different bulbs in each socket like compact fluorescent which last longer while emitting less heat, so they're better suited to warmer climates as well like South Carolina (or North Dakota).

There are all types of bedroom lights. There's the ceiling light, which might be a bulb on an extension cord, or it could be fancy and have one of those round metal shades with multiple bulbs inside that rotate around, depending on how you're feeling; there is also wall lighting for when your space isn't big enough to fit something like a chandelier.

For lamps, I think we can agree they come in handy and give off some warm cozy vibes - especially if you go the route of getting one with more than two prongs sticking out from them. Pendant lighting deserves its mention, too, because often, these fixtures will hang right over where somebody would lay their head during bedtime hours. Finally, there will always come times where you need a little less bling and just some simple task-specific illumination so that recessed spotlights may be a good idea for these occasions.

We offer an assortment of the best bedroom lights here, so you can find your perfect match before checking out today.

Bedroom Lights Reviews

1. Best Overall

DLLT 48W Dimmable Led Flush Mount Ceiling Light

DLLT 48W Dimmable Led Flush Mount Ceiling Light with Remote-20 Inch Close to Ceiling Lights Fixture for Bedroom Living Room Dining Room Lighting, 3000K-6000K Color Changeable
  • Available in Silver color
  • Type of Bulb: LED
  • Material: ‎Plastic, Metal
  • Weight: ‎4.19 pounds

You can make your bedroom cool so you can get some peace after getting tired. These are very important, and you can create more beauty by installing LED lights for bedrooms by Dinglilighting. 48W lights can be dim through remote, and you can change the color temperature like warm color, neutral color, and soft color. They are 20 inches in size, and you can place them above your bed to make your environment attractive and charming. Cover, iron base, and steel painted with white color. The on/off button and adjustment of brightness can control with a remote. LED chips will save your 80% energy for 50,000hour with a safe connection.

See more recessed lights


  • It works as both warm and white.
  • Customer service responds quickly.
  • It is very bright.


  • LED replacement is not easy.

2. Runner Up

DAYBETTER Led Strip Lights 

DAYBETTER Led Strip Lights 100ft (2 Rolls of 50ft) Smart Light Strips with App Control Remote, 5050 RGB Led Lights for Bedroom, Music Sync Color Changing Lights for Room Party
  • Available in Multicolor colors
  • Type of Bulb: LED 
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 1.28 pounds

The bedroom encourages to rest and takes away all the worries and hectic routine. Bedroom ceiling lights by the Daybetter brand can make your bedroom delightful. This intelligent lighting makes your room like a dancing or disco bedroom. You can change and enjoy different colors if you get bored with the same color due to 5050 RGB. 100ft long with two rolls of 50ft of this light is enough to decorate your bedroom. Twenty-four keys are present in remote which can use to control. This lighting relates to music and change according to the music peaks. These are dimmable lights with a long duration.


  • The installation is relatively easy.
  • It is excellent in size.
  • This product is robust.


  • The remote is not long-lasting.

3. Best String Lights

Twinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain String Light

Twinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain String Light Wedding Party Home Garden Bedroom Outdoor Indoor Wall Decorations, Warm White
  • Available in Warm White color
  • Type of Bulb: LED
  • Material: Plastic 
  • Weight: 1.25 pounds 

According to studies, you can sleep better when there is good lighting and an optimized environment. Many people are attracted to little creative things like Twinkle Star brand offers string lights for bedroom. These mini lights are adorable and with eight color combinations. Three hundred lights with very low voltages can decorate your bedroom and home beautifully. Mode controller is present. With 6.6ft width and 9.8ft height can easily cover the surface area. These lights are straightforward to use with the plug. You can use a pin of light on and off and water-proof lighting anywhere, likes shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, etc.  


  • These lights can remodel the bedroom.
  • The light shade is very calm.


  • It takes a lot of time to detangle.

4. Best Wall Lights

Kira Home Cambridge 13" Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Kira Home Cambridge 13 Swing Arm Wall Lamp - Plug in Wall Mount + White Fabric Shade, 150W 3-Way + Cord Covers, Satin Nickel Finish, 2-Pack
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Type of Bulb: Incandescent, LED, CFL 
  • Material: Metal 
  • Weight: 2 pounds 

If we want to design or decorate a bedroom, we don’t need to break the bank. Kira home brand allows décor the bedroom with simple bedroom wall lights. 13inches light can set hard-wire, and a plug-in option is also available. Due to the white fabric shade, it looks like the light is coming from the moon. You can adjust the arm size. You can use LED, CFL, or incandescent bulbs for this lamp because it is three bulbs compatible. It is elementary to use and handle. Only by using 150W can you enlighten your room quickly and beautifully. With US-based company support, it provides a one-year warranty.


  • These lamps are easy to mount.
  • the shade and lamp are good manufactured
  • The bulbs give more light than needed.


  • The instructions are confusing.

5. Best Fan with Light

Westinghouse Lighting 7224200 Comet

Westinghouse Lighting 7224200 Comet Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light, Matte Black
  • Available in ‎Matte Black color
  • Type of Bulb: LED 
  • Material: Wood Laminate
  • Weight: 17 pounds 

You can make your home value by inserting the surprising things and stuff in your home and bedroom. Westinghouse Lighting launches incredible bedroom ceiling fan with light. Yes, you can get air with soft light like magically. It is matte black with 52-inches in size. Well-created this item with dimmable light of 16W can provide light without bulb. The working of the fan is excellent, and it gives air at high speed. A lifetime motor and two-year warranty can quickly satisfy you. Your needs are our needs from today. It's time to decorate your bedroom with a lighting fan.


  • Its design is unique.
  • The LED light of the fan is very bright.


  • The airflow is not according to the advertisement.

6. Best Pendant Light

HMVPL Vintage Pendant Lighting Fixture

HMVPL Vintage Pendant Lighting Fixture with Plug in Hanging Cord and Dimmer Switch, Farmhouse Cage Hanging Chandelier Industrial Swag Ceiling Lamp for Kitchen Island Dining Table Bed-Room Entryway
  • Available in Linen color
  • Type of Bulb: Incandescent, Halogen, Dimmer LED 
  • Material: Iron 
  • Weight: ‎2.5 pounds 

The pendant can perform two functions at a time. It can provide light to your bedroom and works as a decoration piece as well. HMVPL brand introduces bedroom pendant lights that are vintage-style. This light looks like a cage in a farmhouse. The wire of this pendant will not over-heat and supply electricity with excellent efficiency. No matter it is turn on or off, it looks elegant. You can place this light anywhere in your home. 16.4 inches cord with an on/off dimmer switch makes easy handling. It is a traditional type of product. A two-year warranty with UL-listed certification increases its value.


  • The setup is not difficult to assemble.
  • It looks good in the outdoor gazebo.
  • It is a valuable lamp.


  • The glass globe is not strong.

7. Also Consider

Ensenior Ultra-Thin LED Recessed Ceiling Light

Ensenior 12 Pack 4 Inch Ultra-Thin LED Recessed Ceiling Light with Junction Box, 5000K Daylight, 9W 75W Eqv, Dimmable Can-Killer Downlight, 750LM High Brightness - ETL and Energy Star Certified
  • Available in 5000k - Daylight color
  • Type of Bulb: LED 
  • Material: Metal
  • Weight: 8.95 pounds 

Every type of lighting has its value and beauty. Recessed lighting in the bedroom by Ensenior brand can make your home neat and clean. This 12 pack of four inches lighting is excellent in texture and quality. It is certified with ETL means there is no chance of harm. You need to cut the ceiling, connect the junction box to the cable, and use a spring to fix it to the roof, and you can enjoy its warm lighting. 9W lighting works like 75W bulbs. Higher lumens have a significant impact on your bedroom and provide smooth dimmable lights.


  • These are superior lights to work.
  • Amazon highly recommends this product.
  • These are amazingly bright.


  • None


For an adult, children, teenager, old-aged people best place for rest is their bedroom. Everyone feels peace and relaxes their mind by sleeping in their bedroom with soft lighting. Many lights are present, like recessed lighting, pendant lighting, ceiling fan with light, and many more varieties. In short, you can install lights in your bedroom according to your mood, likeness, and your convenience with a reasonable budget and wattages. It's time to select what is best for your home and your bedroom. You can amaze your partner with your decoration and your taste. Warranty of many years is a fundamental reason to gain your trust.

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