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5 Best Industrial Pendant Lighting Reviews

With the help of the pendant lighting, you can create significant changes in your ceiling; if more space is present in your roof and you want to cover it, the best option is pendant lighting. We should enlighten our home with the help of these. Industrial pendant lighting modifies with stunning features, and it contains every type of convenience of you because it is considered commercial lighting. Mounting hardware is present along with the package and consumes little energy of your home, and in return, it provides a vast amount of light.

Industrial Pendant Lighting Reviews

1. Best Overall

INNOCCY Industrial Pendant Light

Industrial Pendant Light INNOCCY Edison Hanging Cage Pendant Lights E26 E27 Base Vintage Adjustable Pendant Lamp Fixture for Kitchen Home Lighting 2 Pack
  • Available in ‎Black color
  • Type of Bulb: Incandescent 
  • Material: ‎Metal
  • Weight: 2.81 pounds 

Lantern and cage-like pendants can elaborate on the beautiful and specific things in your home that you want to highlight. You need to install the lighting on the exact spot. For this, you can consider the INNOCY to buy industrial pendant lighting. Metal covers lighting and form a cage-like structure. Its length can extend to 47.2, and the canopy size is 4.72inches. It contains a low carbon amount, and it is available for a long duration. You can install an E26/E27 bulb in this pendant. With two years warranty, you can decorate your bars, coffee shop, offices, homes, lounges, etc. These two lighting packs can change your home's look.


  • It is sturdy in appearance and use. 
  • It is like a lantern and gives ancient memory. 
  • The assembling and disassembling are easy.


  • The quality control is poor, unfortunately.

2. Runner Up

LOEHINLE Pendant Lighting Vintage Industrial Fixtures

LOEHINLE Pendant Lighting Vintage Industrial Fixtures, Black Metal Chandelier Lights,Ceiling Lamp for Kitchen Home Island Dining Room Bedroom, 11.4 inches
  • Available in ‎Black color
  • Type of Bulb: Incandescent, LED 
  • Material:‎ Metal 
  • Weight: 2.11 pounds 

Pendant lighting is less glare and protective to the eyes. LOEHINLE brand offers black industrial pendant light is metal and in black. You can use the maximum length of this light is up to 60 inches and less than 12 inches. The light’s height is 9 inches and width is 11.4 inches. You can look for an E26 base socket bulb at the store. Related to quality problems and service it offers a two-year warranty to its customers. This pendant is simple, and the delivery package is safe and secure with all the necessities for installation. The dome-like industrial light plays an essential role in the focusing.

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  • The cords are long enough to gain the required length. 
  • It is a very lightweight and easy-to-handle product. 
  • It is an affordable product.


  • The instructions and manual are missing.

3. Best for Kitchen

Kira Home Liberty

Kira Home Liberty
  • Available in 6 colors
  • Type of Bulb: Incandescent, LED, CFL 
  • Material: ‎Metal 
  • Weight: 3 pounds 

This fixture is getting popular in the study areas, offices, homes, and in many places. We always look for ease. So the Kira home presented industrial pendant lighting for the kitchen. Above the shelves, you can install this lighting and can enjoy cooking. If we discuss its appearance, brushed nickel finishing makes it shiny, and the lighting height is 10.5 inches and diameter is also 10 inches. You can install three styles of bulbs with an E26 base socket. The maximum length is 55 inches, and the minimum size is 13 inches. This product supports in California, and the product provides a one-year warranty for customer service.

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  • It looks stunning over vanity. 
  • It comes with everything, even anchors. 
  • The dimmable feature is impressive.


  • It looks like a brown-painted product.

4. Best Farmhouse

Zeyu Farmhouse Pendant Light

Zeyu Farmhouse Pendant Light, 1-Light Industrial Hanging Light Fixture 11-inch, Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish, 016-1 ORB
  • Available in Oil Rubbed Bronze color
  • Type of Bulb: Fluorescent, LED, Incandescent 
  • Material:‎ Metal 
  •  Weight: 3.54 Pounds

Pendant lighting can match your system because it is affordable, gives higher output, and requires less input means watts. Zeyu brand introduces industrial farmhouse pendant lighting with a beautiful look. The metal of this product with oil rubbed bronze finish gives a consistent look to your item. We should enjoy this lighting after the installation of a 60W bulb with an E26 socket. It has 8.5 inches height of light and 11 inches width in this way; it produces light all over the surface. You can increase its length up to 89 inches. This product is ETL listed and provides a one-year warranty.

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  • The installation is DIY. 
  • The price is surprising. 
  • The length adjustment is not a big deal.


  • None

5. Best Glass

CASAMOTION Pendant Lighting

CASAMOTION Pendant Lighting Hand Blown Glass Lights Kitchen Island Drop Ceiling fixtures Vintage Rustic Hanging Chandelier Farmhouse Dining Table Hallway Large Globe Recycle Clear 13 inch diam
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Type of Bulb: Incandescent, LED  
  • Material: ‎Glass 
  • Weight: 10.6 Pounds

Are you a nature lover? CASAMOTION offers for nature lovers industrial glass pendant light in an island drop form. The glass of this lighting is recyclable and very thick in structure. This brand has many years of practice, and they are experts in the lighting profession and if you are thinking about the dimensions of this product, let us clear that you can extend the length up to 70 inches, and the globe diameter is 13 inches whereas height is 20 inches. When you turn it on, it looks like the flame is burning inside the drop of water. The texture of the glass is transparent and very clear. The company assures you that ETL-listed products with proper security and safety.

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  • It is such a hand-blown product. 
  • It brings beautiful light to the home.


  • The installation is tricky.


Ecosystem-friendly pendant lighting is gorgeous in look and also advantageous as well. It has expensive material which is heat resistant and has a long lifespan. You can use this product for many years without any tension. These are consist of fewer electricity bills and make your specific areas more impeccable. People are looking for a product that contains all the benefits and no side effects for your home. So here you go!

Industrial pendant lighting is the best option for them; it is present in a dome shape, cylindrical, drops, and various forms. Lighting is varied concerning morphology and dimensions. These are ETL listed, and with safe sockets, you can install them because brands provide extended warranty for your confidence and trust.

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