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5 Best Lantern Pendant Lighting Reviews

Pendant lightings are helpful for offices and homes as well. You attend the meeting, and different occasions and lighting make it bright and shiny. Guests feel comfortable environment, and it gives professional feelings. The lantern pendant is famous for its traditional design, and it makes with metal material with excellent finishing. This lighting provides privacy for your home from the neighbors and surroundings. It is straightforward to install due to the mounting method and with hardware. The item is anti-fade, and it will not turn into a dull appearance soon. You can get satisfaction from the warranty and customer service offer.

Lantern Pendant Lighting Reviews

1. Best Overall

Unicozin Vintage Lantern Pendant Light

Unicozin Vintage Lantern Pendant Light, 3-Lights Lantern Chandelier for Dining Room Bar Cafe, E12 Base, Black (Bulbs Not Included)
  • Available in Black color
  • Type of Bulb: ‎LED 
  • Material: ‎Metal 
  • Weight: 4.27 pounds 

The lighting adds glamour to your room. Unicozin brand is honest about your home's beauty and offers a lantern pendant light with three lights. The metal finishes with pure black, and it gives high-intensity light with the help of three E12 bulbs, which you can purchase. 77 inches chain length you can adjust. It comes up with a clear picture with all instructions and mounting procedures. The chain is the backbone of the pendant. This item is UL listed and secure for use, and it will not show flickering during its working; if you have any confusion, don't hesitate to contact us.


  • The considerable length of the chain helps with the installation.
  • It is not super heavy and easy to handle.


  • This fixture is not UL certified.

2. Runner Up

MOTINI 4-Light Gold Lantern Pendant Light

MOTINI 4-Light Gold Lantern Pendant Light in Burnished Brass Finish Metal Geometric Fixture Light for Kitchen Island Cage Chandelier with Adjustable Chain Hang Lighting for Dining Room Foyer
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Type of Bulb:‎ Incandescent 
  • Material:‎ Metal 
  • Weight: 6.54 pounds  

If you want to get a beautiful look, the MOTINI gives classic gold lantern pendant light for this purpose. It is a cage-like structure with brass finishing and appears like a gold item. 74.5 is the maximum height which can be shorter to 20 inches. If your ceiling is sloped like or float in this case, this lighting can adjust. E12 candelabra bulb of 60W would perfectly fit in this chandelier. The width of the product is 12 inches, and it is traditional for your home. You can not only use it for home; it can use for many places. Three years warranty is an extended period, and it is a very relaxing fixture with UL listed.

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  • This farmhouse chandelier matches every decoration.
  • The matte finishing is speechless.
  • It is more excellent than the picture.


  • The black cord with a golden chain looks terrible.

3. Best Black

CO-Z 4-Light Lantern Chandelier Light

CO-Z 4-Light Lantern Chandelier Light Fixture, Industrial Farmhouse Lantern Pendant Light Square Cage, Black Lantern Chandelier Hanging for Kitchen Island Foyer Entryway Bedroom
  • Available in ‎Black color
  • Type of Bulb: Incandescent&Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL)&LED 
  • Material:‎ Metal 
  • Weight: 6.74 pounds 

Black color is everyone’s favorite. Everything in black is attractive, and the black lantern pendant light by the CO-Z brand is impressive. This open chandelier will give a new look to your home with its warm glow. Four LED lights of 40W works like more than it watts. The manufacturing of this lighting is substantial, and its 66inches which you can adjust. The installation you can do within a few minutes. The geometric shape of this lighting is incredible, and a lifetime warranty can take away all the worries from you. You can enjoy dining under this pendant and can feel nature.

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  • It is best for a 7ft kitchen.
  • The frosted glass and dimmable bulbs make it perfect.
  • The chain is straightforward to adjust.


  • The screws are very short.

4. Best Paper

Ikea 701.034.10 Regolit Pendant

Ikea 701.034.10 Regolit Pendant Lamp Shade, White
  • Available in White color
  • Shape: Oval
  • Material:‎ Rice Paper 
  • Weight: 3.17 ounces 

The pendant can be functional and stylish. The IKEA brand’s paper lantern pendant light is stunning.  The handmade shade is unique, and the hemma cord is very easy to install. The 17 ¾ inches diameter is very extensive to provide light. Rice paper lighting is famous due to its culture and is globally well-known. It is elementary to use, and it is a treat to the eyes. It seems like you put air in a balloon, and it is a current-style product. You should always install beautiful things in your home, and they will match with every type of design.


  • The shade of this pendant is fantastic.
  • The instructions are helpful and a breeze.
  • It is a very peaceful product.


  • The chances of a hole are very high during the insertion of wire.

5. Best Farmhouse

LALUZ Outdoor Pendant Lights

LALUZ Outdoor Pendant Lights, Farmhouse Ceiling Hanging Porch Fixture in Black Metal with Clear Bubbled Glass Globe in Iron Cage Frame, Exterior Lantern for Gazebo, Entryway, Patio
  • Available in ‎Black color 
  • Type of Bulb:‎ Incandescent 
  • Material: Metal 
  • Weight: 3.52 pounds 

Lightings are eye candy for home, and they can be a great choice of yours. LALUZ is popular among the brands for farmhouse lantern pendant light. Bubble glass is preferable to cause shiny light from this pendant to look like warmth illumination from a cold surface. You can arrange the length from 13 inches to up to 70 inches. It is rustic and can take you in the mid-century. This lantern looks like a farmhouse fixture, and the whole product fixture is 10.2 inches to 12.2 inches. You can go for one bulb of 60W for this lighting with an E26 base socket. The brand is responsible for making your home and this world full of shine.

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  • It is one of the valuable lights.
  • The glass look is rear and unique.
  • It is the best outdoor pendant.


  • The bottom side of the lamp is closed, so it doesn’t illuminate underneath.


The brands have something beautiful for your home, like lantern pendant lighting. It is an excellent fixture with a metal material. Black, brass finishing makes it an anti-rust and anti-fade product. Different glass materials brands use for this item like bubble glass, frosted glass, etc. Lantern lighting considers vintage style and farmhouse-type effects. Various safe and secure socket bulbs are compatible with this lighting. A lifetime or two to three years warranty from brands makes everyone satisfied. Lighting pieces are essential in a garage, kitchen, terrace, courtyard, and in many places. We maybe don’t need ambient lighting in the daytime, but at night it is compulsory. So we should choose a beautiful one.

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