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9 Best Outdoor Christmas Lights Reviews

Christmas is a joyful event, and everyone tries to celebrate this occasion with lights as much as they can. In this way, outdoor Christmas lights are essential and beautiful. They change your event appearance and look like stars from the sky are falling in your home. They did not consume much electricity, and outdoor lights brightened your surroundings and gave pleasantness to everyone. Different colors are present in these lights, and multi-colors mix with a relaxed environment and reflect more colors. They are effortless to install and do not take much time to decorate. You should try this product. 

Outdoor Christmas Lights Reviews

1. Best Overall

Twinkle Star 200 LED 66FT Fairy String Lights

Twinkle Star 200 LED 66FT Fairy String Lights,Christmas Lights with 8 Lighting Modes,Mini String Lights Plug in for Indoor Outdoor Christmas Tree Garden Wedding Party Decoration, Multicolor
  • Available in Multicolor colors
  • Type of Bulb: LED
  • Material: Plastic 
  • Weight: ‎3.53 ounces 

Christmas is coming, and it’s time to switch to lights. Twinkle Star offers the best outdoor Christmas lights to increase your happiness. If we discuss its length, it is 66ft long, and you can extend the size for your need. Total eight lightings modes are present for the control system; the high quality of bulbs with certification is part of this lighting. These string lights are helpful to decorate the home from outside wholly; you can also decorate a Christmas tree and make a round of lighting and hang from outside walls. It just takes 29V to work perfectly.


  • These lights perfectly work.
  • Every single bulb shows the illumination.
  • The lighting modes are calm.


  • These are not for outdoor use.

2. Runner Up

Christmas Lights, 150 Lights Incandescent Mini Clear String Light

Christmas Lights, 150 Lights Incandescent Mini Clear String Light, 120V UL Certified Xmas Warm Tree Lights for Christmas Patio, Holiday, Party, Home, Indoor Outdoor Decoration
  • Available in ‎Clear Warm White color
  • Type of Bulb: LED 
  • Material: Plastic 
  • Weight: ‎1.06 pounds

Twinkle Star once again is not ready to give up and introduces more new lighting with great features. Outdoor Christmas tree lights are 150 and are very beautiful in color, and 2.5-inches of space is present between them. In this regard, their color looks more accurate. 132-ft these lighting along four sets creates convenience for you to decorate. Robust wiring and construction prevent short circuits, and by the plug-in and plugs out, you can turn on and off these lighting. This product is very safe in use due to certification from UL. Feel free to bright your home.


  • These are very bright lights.
  • It blends beautifully with a tree.
  • The colors are beautiful.


  • These become very hot.
  • It's not twinkle lights.

3. Best LED

Brizled Christmas Light

Brizled Christmas Lights, 65.67ft 200 LED Color Changing Tree Lights 11-Function Warm White & Multi Color Christmas Lights, Connectable 24V Safe Adapter Remote Decorative Lights String for Xmas Party
  • Available in Warm White & Multicolor colors
  • Type of Bulb: LED
  • Material: Plastic 
  • Weight: ‎1.37 pounds 

Christmas is that event on which we forget all our worries and decorate the world together. Brizled brand participates with us and offers outdoor LED Christmas lights 65.67ft long. The most exciting feature is that this lighting can change colors in 11 ways. Eleven different color modes are present to enhance your mood, and you can control the brightness of this lighting with a remote. This product helps to make every outdoor corner shine with 200 lights. This lighting is waterproof because maybe you face any unexpected weather conditions. 24V adaptor makes it safe to use and handle.


  • These are long-light.
  • The remote performance is good.


  • Directions are absent.
  • These are not soft lights.

4. Best Solar Powered 

Joomer Solar Christmas Lights

Joomer Solar Christmas Lights 72ft x 2 Pack 200 LED 8 Modes Solar String Lights Waterproof Solar Fairy Lights for Garden, Patio, Fence, Balcony, Outdoors,Christmas Decorations (Multi-color)
  • Available in Multicolorcolors
  • Type of Bulb: LED
  • Material: ABS
  • Weight: ‎1.98 pounds

You can save energy with the help of these string lights. Joomer is here this time with solar outdoor Christmas lights. Two-pack 200 LED lights are present with eight different color modes. It works with the help of solar light, and these are mini light bulbs with beautiful colors. 72ft long lights are lovely to decorate your complete home. Light sensors are present, and these lighting will turn on after sunset and turn off when sunrise. Lead cable is 6ft long of this product, and you can use it in many ways, not only for home decoration.


  • These are good working solar lights.
  • The installation is convenient.
  • The lights are pretty.


  • The light doesn't dim when the battery is low.

5. Best Battery Operated

Christmas Lights 33ft 100 LED Battery String Lights

Christmas Lights 33ft 100 LED Battery String Lights with Timer& Memory Function & 8 Modes, USB or Battery Powered Waterproof String Lights for Christmas Indoor Outdoor Party Decoration–Warm White
  • Available in Warm White color
  • Type of Bulb: LED 
  • Material: Plastic 
  • Weight: 9.6 ounces

You can use Christmas lighting year after year without any difficulty. Green convenience brand is responsible for your convenience and presenting battery-operated outdoor Christmas lights. 100 LED lights are present with the battery box, and by pressing the button on the box, you can select the mode of your choice, for example, fade, twinkle, etc. You can set a timer for this lighting for your ease, and you can set hours for on and off. Before changing lights, first, remove the battery to make this lighting safe for many years. These lightings can use in snowfall, rainy weather, mist, etc.; you can use this lighting for any outdoor purpose, like trees, homes, and streets.


  • This product comes with understanding instructions.
  • These lights are bright.
  • This product is easy to use.


  • Batteries start to corrode.

6. Best Icicle

Twinkle Star 360 LED Christmas Ice Cycle Lights

Twinkle Star 360 LED Christmas Iciclelights Outdoor Dripping Ice Cycle Lights, 29.5ft 8 Modes Curtain Fairy Lights with 60 Drops, Indoor Xmas Holiday Wedding Party Decorations, Warm White
  • Available in Warm White color
  • Type of Bulb: LED 
  • Length: 29.5ft
  • Weight: 1.61 pounds 

When you discuss the Christmas lighting to make your festival more attractive, don’t forget to visit the Twinkle Star. Outdoor icicle Christmas lights are 360 LED lights with 60 stunning drops to create a dreamy environment. These need low output for working and are very secure to use due to certification. Eight lighting modes are present, and you can assemble three sets, and they will shine and provide favorable light. Its lighting is waterproof. You can decorate bars, hotels, streets, homes, and many places at the event of Christmas. Direct plug-in and plug-out will help to turn on and turn off.


  • The ambiance of light is beautiful.
  • It creates a mini galaxy.
  • The light's timing is excellent.


  • The mounting clips are not available.

7. Best Garland Light

National Tree Company Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Garland

National Tree Company Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Garland, Green, Crestwood Spruce, White Lights, Decorated with Pine Cones, Berry Clusters, Plug In, Christmas Collection, 9 Feet
  • Available in Green, Crestwood Spruce, White colors
  • Length: 9 feet long
  • Material: PVC
  • Weight: 2.53 pounds 

In this world, everyone is looking for installing ready-made things outside of their home, and the National tree company offers outdoor Christmas garland with lights. Its branches attachés perfectly and look efficiently created. This tree makes by keeping in mind the weather conditions. So you don’t need to worry about rainfall in the case of outdoor decoration. It is 9ft long and appears like a natural tree. Red berries, silver bristles, and glitter insert for its stunning look. The fantastic feature is that it is heat resistant, and you can use it for many years because it is a long-lasting tree.


  • These lights look good at the front door.
  • It looks nice at Christmas time.


  • All the lights will turn off when one light goes off.
  • The cord is short.

8. Best Star Lights

Blingstar Star Curtain Lights

Blingstar Star Curtain Lights 138 LED 12 Star Multicolor Christmas Lights
  • Available in Multicolor colors
  • Type of Bulb: LED 
  • Material: LED lamps, PVC
  • Weight: 1.32 pounds 

Are you a nature lover? Or want to see stars in their surroundings. So it's time to step out because the Blingstar is waiting for you to give you outdoor Christmas star lights. Eight colorful modes are present to make your life bright with 138 string lights which are very good in quality. You can set the timer to turn it on for 6hour and off till 18hour. 18ft this lighting is enough to decorate thing which you want to. These lightings are safe to touch. You can feel colors and shadows of light on your hand's skin. It's time to give pleasure to your mind.


  • These lights are straightforward to untangle.
  • It comes with a hook, which makes hanging easy.
  • The colors are very smooth.


  • None

9. Also Consider

Lampat String Lights

String Lights, Lampat 25Ft G40 Globe String Lights with Bulbs-UL Listd for Indoor Outdoor Commercial Decor
  • Available in ‎Warm White color
  • Type of Bulb: Incandescent 
  • Material: ‎Plastic, Glass 
  • Weight: ‎1.21 pounds 

Everything has its beauty, but outdoor Christmas string light bulbs have no comparison and are preferable. Lampat brand’s lighting is unique and gives you many additional features. 25ft long with 25 clear bulbs of G40 of E12 base socket is safe and secure for use. 12inches spacing is present between the light bulb, and you can use this lighting commercially without any worry. It is giving a lifetime guarantee, and this product is heat resistant due to make with plastic and glass material. It provides a warm light to the heart of people and their brains as well.


  • These lights are a soft yellow.
  • These look very well on the terrace in the evening.
  • This product is not fragile; it is vital.


  • The wire is not good, and it is not safe.


Due to the pandemic, we need to celebrate the Christmas festival with lots of happiness and loved ones and decorate every part with beautiful lighting. Different color-changing modes are present, and you can enjoy them according to your mood and festival. The battery system and timer system make it easier for you. You can set anything with one click. If you want to conserve electricity, you can install solar lighting in your home, and the sensors are present in this lighting, which detects dawn and dusk and automatically turns a light on and off. Your safety is the top brands' priority, and they are giving you an idea to check this magical lighting.

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