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5 Best Track Lighting Pendants Reviews

Track lighting install in the center of the location. It will not cover lots of surfaces, and if you go for pendants type, they are brilliant and look like you install a chandelier for beauty, in this way, you can cover two purposes: lighting and decoration. It makes your ceiling area more beautiful, and the pendants are present in the form of a group and create a track of lighting. It can provide light with a large surface area and with minimum watts. It depends upon your choice and taste which type of pendant you choose for your beloved home.

Track Lighting Pendants Reviews

1. Best Overall

mirrea 6 Pack 9W

mirrea 6 Pack 9W Dimmable LED Track Pendant Lighting
  • Available in ‎Black color
  • Type of Bulb: ‎LED 
  • Material: Glass, Metal 
  • Weight: 10.65 pounds 

For people who want to change the lifestyle and lighting of their home from time to time, the Mirrea is here to help with the track lighting pendant. These are six lights, and you can buy track rail to install; these will consist of 9W, and their length is detachable. Using TRIAC dimmer, you can adjust its brightness, this switch work with high speed. All of this lighting is wire with only a single circuit. No ultraviolet and infrared radiations emit from this product, and it is safe for humanity. Glass and metal material make it modern and functional with two years warranty.


  • The color is perfect and neutral.
  • These are dimmable and stunning. 
  • The length adjustment is easy.


  • The customer service is slow.

2. Runner Up

Kiven 3-Lights H-Type Track Light

Kiven 3-Lights H-Type Track Light
  • Available in ‎White color
  • Type of Bulb: Incandescent , LED 
  • Material: ‎Glass 
  • Weight: 6.29 pounds 

The owners can now remodel their homes without any trouble. For this purpose, the Kiven brand offers h type track lighting pendant with three lights in white. It is compatible with one circuit and three wires. To activate the dimmable feature, you can use it with a dimmable lighting track. The frosted glass uniquely shows light and makes the surroundings attractive. It is available with an arrow type symbol on the side which lets you know about the correct insertion of lighting into the track. This lighting is effortless to install with rotation availability. You can adjust the 31.5inches length of the cord.

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  • It looks excellent on the island. 
  • The customer service is responsive. 
  • The globes are nice and shiny.


  • The fixture material looks cheap.

3. Rope Style

ANYE 1 ft Brown Weave Rope Wire

ANYE 1 ft Brown Weave Rope Wire 3-Lights
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Type of Bulb: Incandescent/LED 
  • Material:‎ Metal 
  • Weight: 1.39 pounds 

Different styles of lightings are present for you with dimmable quality for your personal preference. ANYE brand is in the market area with something new like three lights track pendants. You can select the tone according to your home contrast, and you can also buy a matching lampshade, which the package is leaving on you for your comfort. One ft brown rope cord is extremely impressive, and it is present in a wavy structure. These pendants are easy to install and take little space; after purchasing the track and placing these lighting into that, you can enjoy the soothing feeling. It applies to so many places.


  • It is a sleek product in appearance. 
  • The quality is good than expectations.


  • None

4. Most Stylish

SKIVTGLAMP Circular Dimmable Pendant Light

SKIVTGLAMP Circular Dimmable Pendant Light
  • Available in ‎Black color
  • Type of Bulb: Incandescent,LED 
  • Material: Crystal  
  • Weight:  

You should purchase energy-efficient lighting and decorations for your favorite places. SKIVTGLAMP manufacture three-track light pendants in a chandelier form with crystal material. The brand is providing a wire of your choice you can select which matches your mindset. J, H, and L style adaptors are available, come and grab one of your desires. The brand shows affection for you and gives you opportunities. 11.8 inches of wire length can quickly meet your ceiling, and you can buy E26 base bulbs for this product. You can create your atmosphere by using the dimmable option. One circuit product is a quality item for your home.


  • The customer service is spectacular and appreciable. 
  • The quality is impressive. 
  • The crystals are stunning and shining.


  • None

5. Also Consider

Passica Decor Mid-Century Modern 3 Light

Passica Decor Mid-Century Modern 3 Light
  • Available in ‎Black color
  • Type of Bulb: Edison, incandescent, halogen, LED or CFL 
  • Material: Glass, Metal  
  • Weight: 6.89 Pounds

Track lighting pendants can provide more brightness as compared to other electrical lights by consuming less electricity. If you want to get this type of product, kindly visit the PASSICA Décor and buy three lights mid-century pendants. You can enjoy a maximum height of 87.79 inches and 5.51 inches of the glass shade. It is compatible with the four types of bulbs of 60W, and the clear glass shade transmits light clearly without any flickering. You can adjust the cord of these 3-lighting. If your ceiling height is too high or moderate, you don’t need to be a worry. Hardly wire black metal lighting is waiting for you.

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  • It looks best in the bar. 
  • The assembling and installation are a breeze.


  • The glass doesn’t fit well.


Different brands are producing eco-friendly track lighting in pendant form. You can buy track by yourself and install these lighting, and some brands are offering along a path. The dimmer switch is helpful to activate the dimmable lights. Sometimes we want to enjoy "Me" time, and in this way, we can adjust the brightness of the track lighting. If you shift your home, you don't need to get worried about the ceiling height and installing these pendants. You can adjust the length of this track lighting according to your need. Glass and metal materials enhance any place's beauty and work great with total efficiency.

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