May 13

The Industrial Style: A Guide to Bedside Lamps

The industrial style is a design trend incorporating raw, utilitarian and unfinished elements into home decor. This style is characterized by using industrial materials such as concrete, metal, and wood and simple, functional designs. Bedside lamps are an essential element of industrial style, as they can add functionality and character to a bedroom. Industrial-style bedside lamps can create a raw, edgy and utilitarian look, and they can also help tie together the room's overall design.  

Choosing the Right Bedside Lamps for Industrial Style  

1. Material   

Consider materials such as metal, concrete, and wood when choosing bedside lamps for industrial style. These materials can help create a raw, utilitarian look characteristic of industrial design.  

2. Shape and Design   

Simple, functional designs are key to industrial-style bedside lamps. Look for lamps that have clean lines, geometric shapes, and minimal embellishments. Also, consider lamps with exposed bulbs or visible wiring, as these elements can add to the overall industrial look.  

3. Size   

The size of the bedside lamps should be proportionate to the size of the bedside tables and the overall scale of the bedroom. Oversized lamps can overpower a small space, while undersized lamps can look out of place in a larger room. Consider the height of the lamps as well, making sure they are tall enough to provide sufficient lighting for reading and other activities.  

4. Bulb Type   

Consider using Edison bulbs or other vintage-style bulbs to achieve an industrial look when it comes to bulb type. These bulbs have a warm, yellow-orange glow and have a nostalgic feel that can add character to your bedside lamps.  

Incorporating Industrial Style into Your Bedside Lamps  

1. Color Scheme   

Stick to a neutral color scheme to achieve an industrial look with your bedside lamps. Black, gray, brown, and metallic tones are all great options for industrial-style lamps. However, if you like to add a pop of color, consider using bright accents sparingly.  

2. Texture   

Texture is an essential element of industrial style, so consider using lamps with a rough or distressed texture, such as those made from concrete or metal. You can also add texture with lampshades made from burlap or other rough fabrics.  

3. Vintage and Rustic Elements   

Vintage and rustic elements can add character to your industrial-style bedside lamps. Consider using lamps with vintage-inspired designs or with rusty finishes. You can add rustic elements with accessories such as vintage books or metal accents.  

DIY Industrial Style Bedside Lamps  

1. Materials Needed  

To create your industrial-style bedside lamps, you will need:  

  • Metal pipe or conduit  
  • Lamp sockets  
  • Lamp cord  
  • Spray paint  
  • Screws  
  • Pipe cutter  
  • Wire strippers  

2. Steps to Follow  

  1. Cut the metal pipe or conduit into two pieces of equal length using a pipe cutter.  
  2. Spray paint the pipes in a color of your choice.  
  3. Install the lamp sockets onto the pipes.  
  4. Thread the lamp cord through the pipes and attach it to the sockets.  
  5. Strip the wires on the lamp cord and connect them to the corresponding screws on the sockets.  
  6. Screw the pipes onto the lamp bases.  
  7. Attach lampshades of your choice to the sockets.  


Incorporating industrial style into your bedside lamps is the best way to add character and functionality to your bedroom. By choosing the right materials, shapes, and designs, and adding texture and vintage elements, you can create a great look that complements your overall decor.

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