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5 Best Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Reviews

From a practical standpoint, the best kitchen lighting for an island is not always easy to find. If you are lucky enough to have one of those beautiful natural light shafts that flows through your home and lands in just the right spot on any work surface or table top then cooking becomes much more fun because its like having five perfectly placed lamps at all times!

This can be tough when there simply isn't a good place for installing lights but don’t worry; I've found some great options from different price ranges so hopefully this will help make finding best farmhouse kitchen lighting easier than ever before.

Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Reviews

1. Best Overall

Black Farmhouse Kitchen Island Lighting

Black Farmhouse Kitchen Island Lighting Modern Linear Chandelier Industrial Dining Room Rectangular Light Fixtures for Living Room Foyer Bar (Black, 5-Light)
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Type of Bulb: Incandescent
  • Material: Metal
  • Weight: ‎7.68 pounds 

When we discuss interior design, every element plays a role. Farmhouse Kitchen Island lighting in black by Z Zosimio light store can light up the entire place like kitchen, hall, etc. These five lights chandeliers of metal are open and modern in style with adjustable height. The voltage requirement for the island chandelier is 110V-240V. In case of a shortage of voltage than 220V, it will not stop working. This brand provides missing parts in case of damage and missing. These pendant lights are very easy to install with 12 months warranty. You can make comfortable your home.

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  • It is an inexpensive lighting fixture.
  • This product is robust and can easily hang.
  • It works well with Edison bulbs.


  • The installation package is not complete.

2. Runner Up

Zeyu Farmhouse Pendant Light

Zeyu Farmhouse Pendant Light, 1-Light Industrial Hanging Light Fixture 11-inch, Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish, 016-1 ORB
  • Available in ‎1-light colors
  • Type of Bulb: Fluorescent, LED, Incandescent 
  • Material: Metal 
  • Weight: 3.54 pounds

Pendants are suspended on a necklace like a pendant; that is why they named pendants. You can use farmhouse lights in your study rooms, stairs, in your kitchen, and in many places. Zeyu store introduces new varieties of farmhouse kitchen pendant lights. With a corded electric power system, these metal lights are made in oil rubbed bronze finish which gives a warm look. It provides a chocolaty appearance. The ceiling canopy is very smooth, and this pendant is with ETL listed, which is electrical safety certification. It is very beautiful and simple in structure. Metal pendant lights are useful for your atmosphere, and they work great.

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  • The quality of the product is extraordinary.
  • Installation was super convenient.
  • The golden color is a treat to the eyes.


  • The light is not bright.

3. Best Modern Farmhouse Lights

Black Farmhouse Kitchen Island Lighting

Black Farmhouse Kitchen Island Lighting Modern Linear Chandelier Industrial Dining Room Rectangular Light Fixtures for Living Room Foyer Bar (Black, 5-Light)
  • Available in Black color
  • Type of Bulb: ‎Incandescent 
  • Material: Metal 
  • Weight: 7.68 pounds 

You don’t need an electrician to install pendant lights in your home. They are used to light your kitchen, and cooking will be enjoyable for you after the lighting environment. Modern farmhouse kitchen lighting by Z Zosimio store helped to see the kitchen with the more reflected image. The power supply is AC which is easier than DC and easy to transmit. Mounting hardware and grounded wires are added. These five farmhouse island lights have the extra duration and are irresistible. Black color lights can be hung over the dining table, shelves of the kitchen, and on many places.

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  • Thus fixtures can hang at a shallow level.
  • It meets the expectation.
  • Customer service is too good.


  • Adjustable mounting brackets are missing.

4. Best Farmhouse Flush-Mount Light

Pynsseu Industrial Ceiling Light

Pynsseu Industrial Ceiling Light, 2 Lights Farmhouse Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Fixture for Kitchen Island Dining Room Bedroom Foyer Hallway, 1 Pack, Black
  • Available in Black colors
  • Type of Bulb: ‎Incandescent, LED, Fluorescent
  • Material: Metal 
  • Weight:‎ 4.4 pounds 

Multiple lights with different shades can spread across all over your kitchen and in your home. Pynsseu store offering quality farmhouse flushes mount kitchen lighting to increase the incredible beauty of your home. After installation, your home or kitchen looks like a farmhouse and modern style. Metal frame made with faux wood, which is engineered wood and appeared antique design. The shape of the pendant is like that of two bulbs with an E26 socket; heat resistance is present. It requires very little space, and the UL standard is used, which is known all over the world. Three years warranty can satisfy the customer itself.


  • It gives a lot of lighting in the laundry area.
  • This product gives industrial vibes.
  • It is an affordable remodel fixture.


  • The installation is complicated.

5. Best Farmhouse Track Lights

LNC Adjustable Track Lighting Fixture

LNC Adjustable Track Lighting Fixture Farmhouse 3 Heads Ceiling Spotlight for Kitchen, Dining & Living Room, Foyer and Cloakroom, Wall, Wood & Black
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Type of Bulb: ‎LED/Incandescent 
  • Material: Wood, Metal
  • Weight: 6 pounds 

Kitchen lighting requires more planning and idea than other rooms. Suppose you made food of your’s choice after a hectic weekend, so lighting area and cheerful environment can double your joyfulness. LNC store gives opportunity to invest your money and give a try to farmhouse kitchen track lighting. Lights are placed in the form of track with wood. 24.8 inches in length light will brighten your home. Black lighting with a dimmable dimmer switch takes just 20 minutes to install. This light has passed an inspection test of 72hours. Sixty watts bulb works elegantly. The copper cord is the basic reason for its two years warranty.

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  • It is the best rustic product for kitchen use.
  • These are dimmable; every guest passes the compliment.


  • The fitting of the light base is difficult.


Now a day one can transform a home or transform any part of a home with little change. For instance, you can transform your kitchen into a farmhouse look by just install the farmhouse kitchen lighting. With unique structures and great creativity, new types of designs are available like globe shape, track-like lighting, and five sets of bulbs. 1 to 2 years warranty and UL standards can increase customer satisfaction. They are heat resistant and provides light greater than their size. You can decorate your living room, kitchen, hallway, porch, etc.

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