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10 Best Wall Sconces Reviews

What do you want more in this world? When there is a wall sconce-like products are present. It is a space saver, and you don’t need to worry if you have a shortage of surface area; wall sconces guide you on how to utilize the wall for your beneficial purposes. It consists of one light or more than one light; you can place it upward or downward. No restrictions are present for the installation of the sconce. The package will contain all the mounting hardware in it. You can quickly make neat and clean it with the help of any dry cloth; this product will not give you a tough time.

Wall Sconces Reviews

1. Best Overall

Westinghouse Lighting 6227800

71B69ZfHLyL._AC_SL1500_Westinghouse Lighting 6227800 Sylvestre Light Fixture, 1, Brushed Nickel
  • Available in Brushed Nickel color
  • Type of Bulb: Wall Light Fixture 
  • Material:‎ Metal 
  • Weight: 2.29 pounds 

Wall sconces are come in many structures, like a lantern, rectangular, etc. For perfect size and form, you can consider Westinghouse Lighting which has the best wall sconces for you. It provides a tremendous amount of light; if you use a 60W bulb, it would be best for your home. This product is certified, and with five years warranty, you can save your investment. The nickel brushing makes it good-looking, and the frosted lampshade delivers illumination to your home. The metal material makes it durable.  After installing this product, you should choose again and again the brand for your decoration.


  • It is a valuable product.
  • The brushing and finishing are very neat.
  • It is a good investment.


  • The length of the light shield is short.

2. Best Plug-In

Globe Electric Berkeley

Globe Electric Berkeley 1-Light Plug-In or Hardwire Swing Arm Wall Sconce
  • Available in white and brass color
  • Type of Bulb: E26/Medium Base 60W Bulb 
  • Material:‎ Metal
  • Weight: 2.42 pounds

Many wall sconces consist of metal backplates which help to keep it firmly in its place. The Globe Electric's plug-in wall sconce is one of them. You can swing the arm and can also select the brass finishing color of your choice. It is soft in appearance and protective of the eyes. The buyers can plug in this sconce and can hardwire it; you can go with your ease. The bulb for this lighting is present and customers can buy easily. It is white and gives soothing feelings to you and your guests.  You can make your home's entrance welcoming and beautiful.

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  • It is effortless to handle.
  • This product is best for reading purposes.
  • The on/off switch is fantastic to use.


  • None

3. Best Candle Style

SHELVING SOLUTION Wall Sconce Candle Holder

SHELVING SOLUTION Wall Sconce Candle Holder Metal Wall Decorations for Living Room, Bathroom, Dining Room, Set of 2
  • Available in Black color
  • Type of Bulb: Candles
  • Material: Metal 
  • Weight: 2.05 pounds 

These sconces are easily locatable, and you can enjoy your time with your family and friends in the presence of this lighting. Shelving solution brand is here to help you with candle wall sconces. It is in black and with a set of two can make your home wall beautiful. You can adjust or fit on the border with the help of screws. LED light candles make an intimate environment; you can enjoy the brightness and working of this light after installation. It makes with pure metal and black in appearance. It assures you about the excellent functionality of the product.

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  • It is simple to use.
  • The changing of batter is convenient.
  • It gives an excellent look to the room.


  • It is not black.

4. Best Battery Operated

Westek Wall Sconce

Westek Battery Operated Wall Sconce, 2 Pack – 4 Hour Auto Shut-Off Battery Wall Sconce, 100 Lumens – Plastic with Bronze Finish – Battery Wall Light with Easy Install – 2 Light Settings
  • Available in Bronze Finish color
  • Type of Bulb: LED
  • Material:‎ Plastic 
  • Weight: 1.38 pounds 

The sconce can easily illuminate your home and can make your evenings beautiful. Westek plays an important role and offers battery-operated wall sconces. Two lighting lamps, you can place it upward or downward. Auto on/off system can set in this item; with the bronze finishing, it is incredible in beauty. You can rotate this and adjust it according to your need. 2 LED plastic batteries make it durable; its working timing is 24 hour with proper functioning. Two brightness modes are present in it, and you can purchase 3AA batteries for it. This product contains screws and nuts for the mounting.

See more designs in battery-operated wall sconces


  • It is like a mini sun due to light.
  • Its working is excellent.


  • This product is made with cheap quality plastic.

5. Best Modern

Ralbay Indoor Crystal Wall Sconce

Ralbay Indoor Crystal Wall Sconce 2-Packs Modern Black Wall Sconce Crystal Wall Light Fixtures Modern Crystal Bathroom Vanity Lighting
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Type of Bulb: ‎LED 
  • Material: ‎Crystal 
  • Weight: 5.48 pounds

When the weather is cool and moderate, you want to enjoy a soothing light and make your life full of joy. The Ralbay products can help to make your time worthy through modern wall sconces. You can buy two bulbs of E26 base socket. The K9 crystal makes this item more attractive and reflects light like a prism. You can place it in your bedroom, on both sides, and can gossip with your friends. It is 7.23 inches extending from the wall.  The golden and black color of this sconce makes your home luxurious. This product is easy to install due to hardwire system, and you can contact us in case of any confusion.

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  • It is a well-made product.
  • This product is suitable for the master bathroom.
  • It is a very bright product.


  • The compatible short-size bulbs are difficult to find out.

6. Best Outdoor

Globe Electric 44176 Bowery

Globe Electric 44176 Bowery 1-Light Outdoor Indoor Wall Sconce
  • Available in Matte Black color
  • Type of Bulb:‎ LED 
  • Material: ‎Glass  
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds 

It is impossible if you think that sconce can be wrong for your home. If you believe in buying this item, you can look for the Globe Electric brand for an outdoor wall sconce. There is a need to install a light on the outside to prevent any happening and incident. This sconce is resistant to weather conditions, and the thunderstorm, rain, and different circumstances will not affect the functioning of this product. It is in black with good metal and glass material. You can buy an E26 socket bulb of 60W to make it shine. It has all hardware for installation, and you can sleep with comfort after placing this product on the outside of your home.

See more designs in outdoor wall sconces


  • It is the best outdoor light.
  • It offers off an adequate amount of light.
  • The price is affordable.


  • The metal frame is not strong.

7. Best for Bedroom

HAITRAL Plug in Wall Sconces

HAITRAL Plug in Wall Sconces Set of 2- Dimmble Wall Lamps with Linen Shade,Plug-in or Hardwired Wall Lights, Swing Arm Wall Lamps for Bedroom, Bedside, Living Room, Office, Farmhouse
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Type of Bulb: E26 Bulb Base
  • Material: Metal 
  • Weight: 3.67 pounds 

If you are planning a family dinner, you remodel your home and install lighting in your home. You can visit the HAITRAL brand and can get beautiful bedroom wall sconces. The set of two lamps can fit through hardwire or plug-in option. You can swing the arm of this sconce, and it is best to read something important, and if you are figuring out anything, it will provide dimmable light. The backplate and arm make of metal, whereas the fabric lampshade is 6.3 inches in height. You can install the E26 base bulb in it, and there are two brightness modes to adjust it, and you can turn it on/off through a switch that is also present on it.

See more designs in bedroom wall sconces


  • It has two brightness settings.
  • It was installed quickly without any effort.


  • The mounting plate is cheap.
  • The arm is a little bit non-adjustable.

8. Best Black

Globe Electric 51374 Cleo 1-Light

Globe Electric 51374 Cleo 1-Light Plug-In or Hardwire Wall Sconce
  • Available in Matte Black, Antique Brass Accents color
  • Type of Bulb: E26/Medium Base 60W Bulb  
  • Material:‎ Metal 
  • Weight: 2.77 pounds 

Sconces are helping to bring the sea of lighting in your home, and the Globe Electric is trendy when you discuss black wall sconces. An antique brass appearance with matte black can stuck everyone's eyes on this product. It has a 6ft cord, and you can place it everywhere you want, and the whole product height is 14.4 inches. It offers two installation designs; you can enlighten your home after purchasing a 60W bulb for this sconce. It is effortless to handle and use; you can easily clean it with the help of a dry cloth. It's time to install something unique in your home.

See more designs in black wall sconces


  • It is incredible, and the metal is pure.
  • The size is perfect.
  • Finishing is great.


  • The instructions aren't clear.

9. Best for Bathroom

Kichler 5076NI Wall Sconce 1-Light

Kichler 5076NI Wall Sconce 1-Light, Brushed Nickel
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Type of Bulb: ‎Incandescent 
  • Material: Alloy Steel, Glass 
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds 

Wall sconce help to maintain a modern look in your home and shows the maintenance of your home. The Kichler brand introduces bathroom wall sconces because the beauty and decoration of your bedroom are essential. The bathroom also plays an important role. It makes with alloy steel and glass, which is opal glass. It can create a smooth environment in your bathroom, and the precise finishing enhances the value of your product. It is 12 inches in height, and one bulb of E26 socket is enough for this lighting. You can place it on the wall, and it is traditional in look.

See more designs in bathroom wall sconces


  • It is substantial.
  • The nickel brush finishing is eye-catching.
  • It is cumbersome and well made.


  • None

10. Best Farmhouse

Progress Lighting P710012-020

Progress Lighting P710012-020 Briarwood Antique Bronze One-Light Wall Sconce, Architectural
  • Available in Architectural Bronze color
  • Type of Bulb: Medium base bulb
  • Material: Alloy Steel 
  • Weight: 1.95 pounds 

It is the century of rustic, vintage, and farmhouse-type wall sconce. You don’t need to wait more, and you can grab Progress Lighting farmhouse wall sconce. It is incredible in a look, and it looks like you locked lighting in a cage of wood. The alloy steel is anti-rust and anti-corrosion, and the natural wood is part of this product. You can use it in many corners in your home like in your room, hall, garage, terraces and on stairs. Only one light requires for this product, and it is very safe to use.

See more designs in farmhouse wall sconces


  • It is best for the stairway.
  • It enhances the appearance of the room.


  • It is a little bit pricey.


The wall sconce is a unique thing for your home; you can place it outside or inside. The outdoor wall sconces are weather-proof, and they are straightforward to set. These are anti-rust and prevent dust, corrosion, and many conditions. The hardwire and plug-in option is available with a long cord. The long line help to place it, and it is the least expensive product, which is helpful for many purposes. You can do your favorite work, and on relaxing days it produces calm with the help of dimmable features. The alloy steel, metal, fabric, and different material are part of this product.

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