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Everything You Need to Know About Waterproof Bathroom Sconce Lights

Waterproof bathroom sconce lights are essential to any bathroom renovation or redesign. Not only do they give ample lighting, but they also add to the room's overall aesthetic. However, when selecting and installing bathroom sconce lights, it's important to consider waterproofing to ensure the safety and longevity of your lighting fixtures.  

Types of Waterproof Bathroom Sconce Lights 

Various types of sconce lights are available on the market, each designed to fit a specific need. Some of the most widespread types of bathroom sconce lights include:  

1. LED Sconce Lights 

LED sconce lights are an energy-efficient and durable lighting option. They're ideal for small bathrooms and offer various color temperatures to suit your needs.  

2. Wall-Mounted Sconce Lights 

These lights are mounted on the wall and provide excellent lighting for small and large bathrooms. They come in various styles and finishes, making them a versatile option for any bathroom decor.  

3. Flush Mount Sconce Lights 

Flush mount sconce lights are an excellent option for bathrooms with low ceilings or limited space. They give ample lighting without taking up too much room and come in various designs to fit any decor.  

4. Pendant Sconce Lights 

Pendant sconce lights are perfect for larger bathrooms or high ceilings. They're suspended from the ceiling and provide a unique and stylish lighting option for any bathroom.  

How to Choose Waterproof Bathroom Sconce Lights   

When selecting the right waterproof bathroom sconce lights, there are a few factors to consider:  

1. Size 

Choosing the right size sconce lights for your bathroom is important. Consider the room's size, the ceiling's height, and the lights' placement.  

2. Style 

Sconce lights come in various styles and finishes, from modern and sleek to traditional and ornate. Select a style that complements the overall decor of your bathroom.  

3. Waterproofing 

Make sure to choose sconce lights that are explicitly designed for bathroom use and are waterproof.  

Installation Process for Waterproof Bathroom Sconce Lights  

Before installing waterproof bathroom sconce lights, it's important to take the following steps:  

  • Turn off the power to the bathroom circuit and verify that no control is going to the area where you will be working.  
  • Utilize a stud finder to locate the studs behind the drywall. Mark the location of the studs with a pencil.  
  • Measure and mark the placement of the sconce lights on the wall, ensuring their level.  
  • Make a hole in the drywall using a drywall saw or jigsaw.  
  • Run electrical wires from the power source to the light sconce location, following all electrical safety guidelines.  
  • Connect the mounting bracket to the wall using screws, then attach the sconce light to the mounting bracket.  
  • Connect the electrical wires to the sconce light and then attach the cover.  

Maintenance of Waterproof Bathroom Sconce Lights   

To keep your waterproof bathroom sconce lights in excellent condition, follow these tips:  

  • Clean them regularly with a soft scrub to remove any dust or dirt.  
  • Avoid harsh cleaning chemicals or abrasive materials that can damage the light fixture.  
  • Check the bulbs regularly and replace them when they burn out.  
  • Contact a professional electrician for repairs if you notice any damage or malfunction.  


Waterproof bathroom sconce lights are an essential component of any bathroom design. By choosing the right type of sconce light, taking the necessary steps to ensure waterproofing, and following proper installation and maintenance instructions, you can enjoy a beautiful and safe lighting fixture in your bathroom for years to come. 

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